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Launching New Technology Since 2008!

We are the #1 distributor for launching new medical device technology in New England. We have a team with over 50 years experience in devices.

We have a vast network of contacts that will go to work for you when you are ready to launch into this competitive market.

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Our portfolio is the most advanced in the market. We have multiple solutions for you or for your patients, from the best implants/instruments available to custom 3D printed Titanium/Peek implants.

Every product has been handpicked by our team to ensure you have the absolute best for you and your patients. Let’s work together and see what new options you can bring your patients.



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Hospitals / ASC’s

Elevating Your Standards of Care and Cutting Costs

We are a full line distribution company. Whether you are trying to lower costs or are looking for new products, we have it all.

We specialize in reducing costs while bringing your physicians more innovative technology’s that will drive more patients to your facilities.


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About Our Company


Determined to create better healthcare for everyone, we partner with companies that have the most cutting-edge technology to bring you the products of tomorrow.

Together we will bring patients and doctors the best; Elevating your standards and the standard of care.